Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Year in the Three Bridge Kingdom

A breakfast of scrambled egg with basil and cherry tomatoes is taken while watching water traffic create duck scattering wakes. The sun fills Lisson Grove Moorings. I listen to the wood creak as the boats gently roll in the heat. It is my mother’s first visit canalside so we take the boat along the Regent. It is too languid a day for the exertion of locks so we push along without falling or climbing.

The route offers tunnels, waving children and a baby warthog. This would be enough adventure, but travelling with my mother turns it into a botanic expedition. From wild mallow to water hemlock, plants are named and lore passed on.

At dusk, the sun plays alchemist, turns stone to gold. I exhale. Let tension fall away with the last of the day. It has been a year in the Three Bridge Kingdom and my heart grows with each sunset and each dawn across the water. You know you have a home rich with love when you can invite others to share it.


Gucci Muse said...

Rich you are indeed, David.

Middle Child said...

David, that is just so beautiful tears came unannounced. Its strange to imagine this big planet wobbling about with all of us attached to it by gravity, each of us with our own thoughts, each of us with out loves and visions of beauty - and the gift of language and writing enabling us all to share - it was a tough day here in the wintry gloom, but this post lightened it for me - thank you.

Chandira said...

My grandma was like that, when I was about 12 I knew all the plants, trees, birds, for miles!!

I'm having to relearn them all these last few years in the US, it's so strange to be uprooted from beech trees and sorrel, (both edible), blackbirds and cuckoos. There are cougars, bears and eagles though. :-)

That breakfast sounds good about now too..